Syria: Lost Childhood I

May 22, 2023 | People, Social, Videos


The war in Syria has taken a heavy toll on its civilians, particularly children. One such child is Hamoudé, a twelve-year-old boy from Idleb province. Forced to serve as the breadwinner of his family due to his father being in prison, Hamoudé is among the many children deprived of an education and forced to work in order to survive.

A team of Syrian journalists set out to follow the daily lives of these children, documenting their struggles and hardships in a new documentary called “Child Workers of Idleb”. Through it, viewers will have an opportunity to see first-hand how the war has affected this generation of Syrian children through the eyes of survivors like Hammoudé and his nine-year-old brother Karmou who both work at a garage for minimal pay just so they can provide for their family.

This heart wrenching documentary sheds light on the impact of warfare on innocent civilians, and serves as an important reminder that all war has consequences – especially when it comes to children – no matter which side you are on or what your opinion may be. It also serves as a call to action for us all; without help these innocent victims risk being forgotten and left behind with nowhere else to turn.

We urge anyone who watches this documentary not only be moved by its story but also take action; whether it’s donating money or supplies or simply speaking out against injustice – there is something we can all do to lend our support. We must not forget that these children are our future – if we don’t help them now then their entire generation may be lost forever.

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David B