The Putin System

Apr 29, 2024 | Nature, Videos

For three years, filmmakers Jean-Michel Carr and Jill Emery traveled across Russia in pursuit of gaining a thorough understanding of the life and political motivations of one of the world’s most powerful leaders – Vladimir Putin. Through interviews with not only his long-time supporters such as his former schoolteacher Vera Gurvich but also his harshest critics like world chess champion Garry Karparov, they were able to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the inner workings of both the KGB and Kremlin.

The resulting documentary is an informative look into Putin’s quest to regain Russia’s place in the global stage through any means necessary, which paints a dark picture of what could be ahead for Russian citizens. Through these interviews, viewers can get a glimpse into the life of an enigmatic figure that continues to shape the course of history. From understanding his formative years as schoolboy and his KGB training, to learning about how he rose to power as president and beyond, this documentary offers an eye-opening insight into what lies beneath Putin’s stoic surface.

The story told by this documentary provides an important perspective on current events that cannot be found anywhere else. If you are interested in obtaining a better understanding of Russian politics or seeking an inside look at one of the most influential figures in modern geopolitics then this film is essential viewing. Don’t miss out on your chance to gain a unique insight into Russia today and its possible future – watch Vladimir Putin: A 21st Century Tsar today!

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David B