The propaganda war for Ukraine

Jul 25, 2023 | Military/War, Political, Technology, Videos

The war in Ukraine is among the first to be played out in real time on social media. As Russian aggression intensifies, a new frontline has emerged in the form of media propaganda. Russia is spreading targeted disinformation with the goal of systematically devaluing news, convincing its own population that the Russian regime aims to rid Ukraine of Nazis. Ukraine has mobilized its own informational counterattack and seeks large-scale military support from the West to defend itself.
“War-tokers,” also known as TikTok reporters, are reporting from the front lines while Instagram posts justifying the invasion of Ukraine are being produced by troll factories. In this documentary, you’ll see how Ukraine is fighting back with a grassroots strategy and how the spin doctors, both for and against Ukraine, are particularly important in this propaganda battle. With insights into how populism plays out on social networks and how classic TV is experiencing a resurrection as an effective propaganda machine, this film examines the new front lines of virtual warfare.

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David B