The Prigozhin Papers

Sep 28, 2023 | Military/War, Videos


An explosive new documentary investigation has revealed the inner workings of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Russian paramilitary organisation, Wagner. The 2,500 leaked documents obtained by anti-Putin hackers have shed light on a group of mercenaries that is believed to be a key element in the war in Ukraine.

The documentary also features an interesting interview with Kim Jong Un’s doppelgänger who claims that there is a strange connection between all those doubles of presidents and dictators. He stated that when the war broke out, he immediately got in touch with President Zelensky’s double which was at the time a mechanic from Kyiv. The fear was that his colleague would be kidnapped and killed on camera to make people think that it was the real president who died. To help save their fellow doppelgänger, ‘Kim’ called upon fake Putin based in Poland.

This shocking documentary provides an unprecedented view into one of Russia’s most secretive organisations. With gripping interviews and exclusive details about the organisation, this documentary is sure to leave viewers with more questions than answers. If you are looking for an inside look into the world of Wagner and its mysterious role during war times, then this documentary is certainly worth watching.

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David B