The Perfect Crime

Jan 26, 2024 | Crime, Social, Videos

The shocking true story of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb has been immortalized in popular culture for decades. The two college students were from wealthy families in Chicago and their crime was unparalleled—they plotted the kidnapping and murder of a 14-year-old boy to prove they were smart enough to get away with it.

On May 22nd 1924, Bobby Franks’ body was found after he had been reported missing the day before. The details of the case are grisly: the boys bludgeoned Franks to death then poured acid on his face in an attempt to disguise his identity.

Their guilt was undeniable, and both Leopold and Loeb pleaded guilty at their trial. With renowned defense attorney Clarence Darrow representing Leopold and Cook County Prosecutor Robert Crowe representing Loeb, courtroom debate centered around whether or not they should receive a death penalty, which made headlines nationwide as people argued over the morality of capital punishment.

This story is so compelling that it has inspired multiple books, films, plays, articles, songs and documentaries exploring its themes of morality and justice. To understand more about this case, we recommend watching the award-winning documentary “Murderous Intentions: The Nathan Leopold & Richard Loeb Story.” Not only will viewers gain insight into this sensational legal battle but also gain a deeper understanding of America’s criminal justice system during this time period.

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David B