The Mystery Of The Vampire Skeletons Buried In Ireland

Nov 22, 2022 | Conspiracy, Videos

In summer 2007, at a site in Ireland, archaeologists were uncovering layers of graves. They were astonished to find two skeletons with large stones lodged in their jaws.
This was exceptional; all the other skeletons in the cemetery had been normal Christian burials. The archaeologists believe that the skeletons were treated as if they were ‘revenants’ – individuals who might return from the dead to prey on the living.
This documentary attempts to discover who these people were, how they died, and when the stones were forced into their jaws. It’s a fascinating journey first into the medieval mind, and back to our earliest fears of the undead.
The documentary also features an interview with a Romanian villager who saw his neighbors cutting the heart out of a corpse that they believed to be a vampire.

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Riyan H.