The Mystery of the Jurassic

Jan 17, 2023 | Science, Videos

For years scientists have been trying to find the mysterious key teacher responsible for the evolutionary transformation of the dinosaurs in the world of winners. In the early Jurassic, 200 million years ago, were a relatively small group of primitive creatures. By the late Jurassic, 50 million years later, he had become the magnificent array of carnivores and giant plant eaters that dominate the planet for millions of years. In between lies the mysterious Middle Jurassic period in which all these changes must have occurred. But what were they? What was it that transformed the dinosaurs?

Was there a terrible mass extinction? If there had been a striking change in the environment? All this was speculation and theory. How and where evidence come to light? Middle Jurassic fossils are very rare. All one had to go to a few outcrops of rock were scattered throughout the world smaller.

Here is a treasure trove of fossils emerged in the middle of a desert of Argentina in the 1990s, thousands of square kilometers in the mid-Jurassic. In his first season in the field, Oliver Rauhut paleontologist and his team unearthed two carnivorous dinosaurs and giant six huge long-necked dinosaurs. And there’s more: the first mammals, crocodiles, fish and even plant life. They had discovered a complete Middle Jurassic ecosystem, a wonderful picture of life in this dark age of the dinosaurs.

“It’s like someone has discovered the Holy Grail of dinosaur paleontology,” says British geologist, Dr. Phil Manning. Oliver Rauhut describes the site as “an extraordinary window to the mid-Jurassic.” Above all, the hope is that this site can contain all the information they need to find the mysterious evolutionary forces that have eluded paleontologists for a long time .

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Riyan H.