The Mystery of the Human Hobbit

Apr 28, 2022 | Science, Videos

Is the hobbit a new human species or is simply a modern human with a crippling deformity? In the distant island of Flores in the Indonesian archipelago, a team of archaeologists found a tiny skeleton 18,000 years old. It was only a meter high. Is supposed to have found the remains of a young woman. But other signs suggested she was actually much greater. They had discovered one of the smallest human adults ever found.

As the excavation continues, the stranger has discovered evidence. The diggers found elephants the size of cows, rats the size of dogs, lizards the size of crocodiles. It was like walking with Alice in Wonderland. It was not just humans that were peculiarly sized, everything great and small had dropped everything I had grown up. In addition to excavation spearheads found scattered among the bones of pygmy elephants that appear to have been roasted on fires. It seemed that their human rights tiny hunter must have been a skilled and intelligent. However, a closer look at its skeleton, discovered that his brain was smaller than any other human being knows and no bigger than a chimpanzee.

The team began to realize that they had discovered a new species of human being. They called the Hobbit. She was the smallest species known in modern human history. She lived in an era during which he thought were the only human species left on the planet. He seemed intelligent, even with a brain the size of the animals. She was a world apart from everything we understand about our ancestors, who challenged what it means to be human. The Hobbit was hailed as the scientific sensation of the century.

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Riyan H.