The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem | Full Episode

Aug 15, 2023 | Crime, Videos

“48 Hours” explores the family feud over radio legend Casey Kasem — how he died and who was responsible. At stake: an estate that could be worth $100 million. “48 Hours” Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports. Watch more full episodes of “48 Hours” on Pluto TV.

Radio legend Casey Kasem’s death has left behind a family feud that has been raging for years, and at stake is an estate worth an estimated $100 million. “48 Hours” Correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates the case, exposing the complex web of those involved and what could be at stake financially.

The documentary delves into the events leading up to and after Kasem’s death as well as the legal battle between his children from two marriages over his beloved estate. Extensive interviews with family members, friends, lawyers, and other experts provide a comprehensive look at this tragic story.

It is not just the money that is at stake here; it is also important to understand why Kasem’s death sparked such a heated argument between his children in the first place. Viewers will learn about the roots of these disputes and how they have grown since Kasem’s passing. Additionally, we gain insight into how such high-value estates are divided when families do not agree on distribution plans.

This documentary also offers an emotional and entertaining exploration of Casey Kasem’s life and legacy. Through archival footage, viewers get a glimpse into his life as one of the most successful radio personalities in history. The film shows us how he was able to touch people through his work and why he was so beloved by many around the world.

Don’t miss the “48 Hours'” poignant documentary on this incredibly complex case surrounding Casey Kasem’s estate – tune in today! This in-depth exploration provides a compelling narrative that will leave you stunned by its shocking revelations. Find out more about this intriguing story as you watch more full episodes of “48 Hours” on Pluto TV.

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