The Devilfish – A True Poker Legend

Mar 30, 2023 | Gambling, Videos

David A. Ulliott, better known as Devilfish, was an English professional gambler and poker player. He would go on to become a World Series of Poker bracelet-winner, and a mainstay of televised poker.
At the table, he was mostly known for wearing orange-tinted prescription sunglasses, a sharp suit, and gold knuckleduster rings reading Devil and Fish.
In 2017, two years after his death in 2015, he elected to the Poker Hall of Fame. David began playing poker with his parents as a young child, and later learned three card brag.
Before earning the nickname Devilfish, he was being referred to as Dave the Clock. It was because the poker player used a grandfather clock as a buy-in to a local game where he knew a furniture dealer was playing.

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Riyan H.