The Most Controversial Millionaire Preacher in South Africa | Reggie Yates

Oct 20, 2023 | People, Videos

South Africa is a country with a deep devotion to God. But while some people might look to priests or bishops for their faith, others in the region turn to prophets to guide them. One such prophet is Prophet Mboro, who is known for his wacky breakdancing and ‘miracle’ performances. Reggie, a journalist, has been given the opportunity to spend a week with this controversial figure, and the documentary of his experiences is not to be missed.
Mboro has gained a following of thousands in his megachurch, and is loved by many for his charismatic personality. However, skeptics are quick to call out the ‘charlatan’ for his beliefs in witchcraft and exorcisms, in addition to the rumors regarding his wealth and lavish lifestyle. Many wonder how a multi-millionaire with 30 flash cars could possibly be a true messenger of God.
Reggie, who once rejected a Pentecostal faith in his life, is determined to uncover the truth about Mboro, but as he dives deeper into the Prophet’s world, he becomes increasingly conflicted. The documentary offers a unique look at the world of Prophet Mboro, his followers, and the fascinating culture of South Africa.
If you’re looking for a thought-provoking film, this documentary is not to be missed. Join Reggie on his journey as he confronts truths much closer to home and challenges his beliefs. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this incredible story come to life.

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David B