The Money Deluge

May 27, 2024 | Economics, Videos

In recent years, the European economy has seen a remarkable shift. Interest rates have fallen drastically over the past decade, and now stand at virtually zero. This has led many citizens to take their money out of traditional banking systems, instead preferring to store their cash, gold and other valuables in safety deposit boxes. Yet this influx of ‘cheap money’ is having serious implications for those already struggling to make ends meet – with financial inequality growing ever larger.

The documentary ‘The Money Deluge’ examines this increasingly complex reality and its potential ramifications on a global scale. Through interviews with leading economists, activists and politicians from around the world, it looks at how irresponsible investors are able to exploit these low interest rates for their own gains while responsible investors suffer the consequences of a depleting market. It also explores why governments seem unwilling or unable to address this issue – and what can be done about it before another global crisis occurs.

This thought-provoking exploration of modern finance is essential viewing for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the current economic climate – so if you’re looking for an informative documentary that will make you think twice about where your money should go, then look no further than ‘The Money Deluge’.

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David B