The Meat Lobby: Big Business Against Health?

Dec 21, 2023 | Health, Videos

A recent documentary has uncovered the shocking truth behind the health risks associated with processed meats. The World Health Organisation recently listed processed meats as carcinogenic for humans, meaning that many of us are consuming something that can cause severe damage to our bodies. But what’s even more worrying is the revelations made by filmmakers about the strategies employed by the food industry to impede regulations on certain additives – strategies which are hidden away from public knowledge.

Brittany, Denmark, California and Wisconsin were some of the places visited by director Sandrine Rigaud as she conducted a year-long investigation into the strategies used by meat industry lobbyists to undermine science linking meat consumption to health risks. Many scientists have been bribed or otherwise incentivised to collaborate in studies that promote meat consumption, while those who report health risks associated with meat consumption have been discounted and ignored.

The film reveals how powerful lobbying tactics have undermined scientific research, making it difficult for consumers to make informed choices at the supermarket. This leaves many of us at risk of eating products without being aware of their potential danger.

If you want to find out more about this story and learn more about how powerful lobbying has allowed dangerous food additives onto our shelves, without any regard for consumer safety, then we urge you to watch this eye-opening documentary. It’s time for us all to take control of our diets and become informed consumers – watch this documentary now!

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David B