The Man Who Used HIV As a Weapon

Dec 17, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

In 2018, Daryll Rowe made headlines as the first person in the United Kingdom to face jail time for deliberately infecting men with HIV. This powerful documentary, however, gives voice to the victims of Rowe’s abuse and provides a platform for them to tell their shocking stories. All of the individuals featured in this film have waived their right to anonymity to share their experiences and grapple with the question: why did he do it?

Rowe had embarked on a nationwide mission to trick unsuspecting men into having unprotected sex with him. Interviewees talk about his lies regarding his HIV status and how he deliberately sabotaged condoms. In addition, they recall receiving taunting text messages from him after learning of his infections: “You have HIV. Lol.”

This powerful documentary gives viewers an opportunity to empathise with those affected by Daryll Rowe’s abhorrent crimes. By hearing first-hand accounts from those he targeted, viewers are able to gain insight into the trauma these individuals suffered at his hands and make an informed decision on whether they should watch this documentary or not. It is an important film that explores the complexities of such a situation and raises awareness about HIV transmission and its consequences.

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David B