Silicone sex – When men love dolls

Jun 16, 2023 | Sexuality, Videos

Europe is seeing a surge in the popularity of lifelike love dolls, with users claiming that they provide more than just a sexual release – they’re increasingly becoming a relationship substitute. These dolls, made of silicone or TPE, are gaining popularity in all social classes, leading enthusiasts to believe they’re becoming a cultural mainstream.
The dolls are often sought out by those who are lonely or who have separated from their partners, with some even going as far as to live with them. In the upcoming documentary, viewers follow Dean Bevan from Suffolk, Britain, who retired from nursing and turned to his doll, Sarah, and her “sisters” for companionship. He talks to them, photographs them, and even watches TV with them – claiming he’d prefer them to a real partner if they could speak and move. But as the use of lifelike love dolls continues to rise, is this just a harmless foible, or does it reflect an alarming social development where interpersonal closeness and communication engender fear instead of well-being?

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David B