The limits of learning – kids in crisis

Jul 31, 2023 | Culture, Health, Social, Videos

As the COVID pandemic swept across the world and forced lockdowns in many countries, millions of students found themselves isolated from their friends and their routine learning environments. In Germany, students are no exception, with a shocking new survey showing the majority of them struggling to cope with depression, anxiety, and academic pressure. In this emotional and eye-opening documentary, join filmmaker Axel Rowohlt as he visits several German students at their homes to gain firsthand insight into their struggles with homeschooling and mental health in the age of COVID.
Through intimate interviews with Catharina, Philipp, Anna, Leandro, and their student representative, Felix, the film provides an unfiltered and moving look into the realities of homeschooling and mental health among German students during a time of crisis. With candid and insightful commentary from medical experts and educators, this documentary highlights the challenges students face and the urgent need for greater support and compassion for young people around the world.

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David B