The Legend of Leigh Bowery

Nov 29, 2022 | Art, Videos

“The Fable of Leigh Bowery is a comprehensive and telling testimonial to an outrageous and eccentric artisan.

Whether he was making headgears out of toilet seats, or the birth in to a fully grown adult female held in a club, Bowery delineated London’s culture of indignation and charmed a generation of artists and houses designers on both faces of the Atlantic Ocean.

He was also the muse and poser for leading British painter Lucian Freud. Featured appearing’s by Boy George, Damian Hirst, Bella Freud, Michael Clark, Rifat Ozbek and some people.

He projected costumes and done while using the enfant dire of British dancing Michael Clark, targeted one of a sort extortionate costumes and conceptions for himself, operated one of the most extortionate clubhouses of 1980s British capital nightspot scene Taboos (later memorialized in Boy Georges Broadway musical).”

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Riyan H.