The 10 Best Documentaries About Boy George

Mar 30, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities

The flamboyant and unforgettable Boy George is someone who has shaped music, fashion, and culture for decades. His impact cannot be underestimated. So too, can the same be said about the documentaries that have been made about him so far. From his childhood years all the way to his current career as an artist and performer, these 10 documentaries capture a unique perspective of this larger-than-life personality. From an intimate look at his personal life to a behind the scenes exploration of his musical career, these films offer viewers an unforgettable glimpse into Boy George’s world. Read on to find out about the best documentaries that chronicle the unique and inspiring life story of Boy George!

1. The Madness Of Boy George

When most people think of Boy George, they think of his time as a vibrant and innovative pop star in the 1980s. But few know that long before he was topping the charts, he was living a life filled with madness as part of Britain’s counterculture. The Madness Of Boy George is an insightful documentary exploring the early life of the singer as he navigated his way to becoming an icon. The film takes a deep dive into George’s experiences in the punk and new-wave scenes, where he was part of a movement that pushed boundaries to their limits. He began performing at legendary London clubs like The Blitz, soon becoming known for his flamboyant and outrageous style. The documentary includes archival footage from the period, as well as interviews with George’s friends and colleagues who share vivid stories of their adventures together. The film captures the vibrancy of British youth culture at the time, and paints a compelling portrait of a young man struggling to find his place in society.


2. Boy George – The House That Made Me

This is a beautiful documentary that follows the story of Boy George and his journey from being a troubled teenager in London to becoming one of the most iconic musical stars of all time. It features interviews with those closest to him, including family members and music industry professionals, and offers an intimate insight into how his passion for music helped shape his life. Along the way, we are taken on a unique tour of his childhood home, and get to hear about the hard times he faced growing up in England. The film is full of raw emotion and is sure to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired by Boy George’s remarkable journey. Whether you’re a fan of his music or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating individual, this documentary is a must-watch. You’ll be sure to leave with a new appreciation for Boy George and the amazing contributions he has made to music over the years.


3. Living With Boy George

The documentary, “Boy George – Living in a World of His Own”, is an intimate look into Boy George’s life as he goes back on tour and deals with visa issues. The film follows him through his day-to-day activities, including his fashion store and organic food shop, which provide a glimpse into his real self far away from the music industry. Additionally, viewers get a chance to see him in action as a performance artist and photographer, giving insight into his creative process. This unprecedented look at the British icon provides an honest look at what it takes to stay in the business, and how important it is for Boy George to remain true to himself. It’s definitely worth watching for those interested in the man behind the music.


4. Boy George – Biography 2006

This documentary follows the life of British pop star Boy George, from his early days as a part of the New Romantic scene in London to his subsequent rise to global fame. The film tells the story of how he created an iconic visual style and wrote music that still resonates today. It also covers his personal struggles with addiction, depression, homophobia, and being misunderstood by the public. Throughout his life, Boy George has continued to make a lasting impact on popular culture and music as a whole. This is an essential documentary for anyone interested in the amazing story of one of pop music’s most unique figures.


5. Boy George’s Lifestyle 2022

Boy George has been a pop culture icon since the 1980s and his influence still holds strong. With a new documentary about his life coming out in 2022, we take a look at some of the best documentaries currently available that explore different aspects of Boy George’s life. From his early beginnings to his present-day avant-garde style, these films will help you get a better understanding of the man behind the music. This classic documentary by director Jonathan Demme takes us behind the scenes with Boy George as he and his band Culture Club make their first album in almost 20 years. Featuring interviews from both Boy George himself and other members of the band, this documentary looks into the creative and personal struggles of Boy George as he attempts to make a comeback after years in the wilderness.


6. Boy George gives movie biopic update and drops huge Harry Styles hint

Boy George is one of the most iconic singers and songwriters of all time. An 80s pop icon, Boy George has been celebrated for his unique style and powerful lyrics. Recently, the singer gave an update on a possible movie biopic about his life and career. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he announced that there was going to be “something exciting coming soon,” and that he was “working on a project with an amazing team.” He also dropped a subtle hint about another collaboration. When asked if Harry Styles had been approached to play him, Boy George simply said, “You never know…you’ll just have to wait and see!” This has sparked rumors that the former One Direction star might be involved in the movie. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s clear that Boy George is determined to make this project a success and will do whatever it takes to make sure fans get the best experience possible.


7. BOY GEORGE Omnibus The Boy Next Door

For Boy George fans, the first must-watch documentary is Boy George Omnibus. This one hour and 45 minute long film chronicles the rise of the Boy Next Door – from his emergence as a punk icon in early 1980s Britain to becoming an international pop superstar and fashion maverick. With candid interviews with those closest to him, never before seen footage, and exclusive archival material, this documentary paints a powerful portrait of the man behind the music. For an even deeper look into George’s life, fans can check out The Boy Next Door. This award-winning feature documentary dives into George’s creative process, exploring his early influences as well as his struggles with drugs and depression. Featuring interviews with members of Culture Club and other musical collaborators, this documentary is a must-watch for Boy George fans looking to get an inside look into the life of a music legend.


8. BOY GEORGE CULTURE CLUB -“B.T.M.” Documentary

This documentary chronicles the rise of one of the most iconic and influential subcultures in British pop music, Boy George Culture Club – B.T.M.. Featuring exclusive interviews with members past and present, this film examines the history of the group, including their early days as a street gang, to their later years as they became an international phenomenon. Along with vivid archival footage, the documentary also looks at the lasting influence they have had on other generations of music lovers and style icons. The film paints an honest portrait of a band that sought to bring together diverse styles and tastes, and celebrates their ongoing legacy in modern-day culture. From pioneers of punk to powerhouses of new wave pop, Boy George Culture Club – B.T.M. is an entertaining and enlightening look at the band’s journey so far.


9. Boy George candid interview on coming out

When it comes to documentaries about Boy George, there are a few gems to be found. From an early in-depth exploration of his childhood to a frank chat with the pop star about how he views himself, here are some of the most insightful and memorable films that celebrate this amazing singer and performer. “The Making of Boy George” – This classic documentary looks at the formative years of Boy George and how he grew up in an Irish-English family in London. With in-depth interviews with friends, family members, and even a few famous fans, this is an intimate look at who Boy George really is.


10. Piers Morgan’s Life Stories interview – BOY GEORGE

This documentary follows the life of British musician and singer Boy George. The show includes exclusive interviews with the artist, as well as rare footage from his time in Culture Club and beyond. In Piers Morgan’s Life Stories interview, Boy George talks about his rise to fame, his relationships, and the challenges he has faced throughout his career. He also shares what it was like working with some of the biggest names in the music industry. It’s a fascinating look into an artist who continues to influence pop culture today. This documentary will make you appreciate Boy George and his immense talent even more!

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