The Internet of Everything: How Smart Homes Can Be a Threat to Our Lives

Aug 14, 2023 | Activism, Technology, Videos

The Internet of Everything: A documentary that tackles the bewildering change that the Internet has brought to our lives and the world at large. Brett Gaylor, a reformed techno-utopian and tech industry worker, guides us through the complexities of the “Internet of Things” – the connecting of the physical world to cyberspace.
The documentary maps out our relationship with the Internet – the first fascination and obsession, followed by the growing discomfort around the abuse of our private information, and now a sense of confusion and dread. It’s a fast, funny, and enlightening account of the stakes involved in the transformation of our homes, bodies, and cities. With the increased pace of change, we all feel bewildered and the stakes have never been higher. The Internet of Everything reflects on the big picture of a world where we are all connected and embraces the “tech-lash.”

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David B