The Gun That Aims Itself

Feb 7, 2023 | Media, Military/War, Videos

One of the moral dilemmas in the movie Terminator was “if something can be abused for doing bad, should we outlaw it to everyone”? On one side, we had the good Terminator, and then we had the T-1000 on the other hand.

The same moral dilemma applies to many weapons. Take this rifle for example. The question you need to ask is “has killing become too easy”?

In 2013, a Texas based company produced the first ever precision-guided firearm, a sniper that is essentially a long-range, laser guided robot rifle.

The rifle allows the bearer “skill free killing”. And it is available to anyone that can afford it. You can strike something from a ¾ of a mile away.

The technology is advanced to the point that beginners can kill someone at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy. They call it, the gun of tomorrow.

The question is, should be outlawed, or should we allow for such weaponry? We are facing the same dilemma each and every day. Another popular example is drone technology. We are not going deep into drone technology, what is wrong and what is right, but the fact of the matter is that any weapon, even the noblest one, can be abused for bad. The only question is should we stop producing weapons because of that?

Don’t forget, the atomic bomb was also supposed to be “good” back in World War II.

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Riyan H.