Invisible Drones of the future

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Back in 2014, nobody could have predicted that drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles would become so popular. Since 2015, civilian drones outnumber military drones, with some stores estimating that there have been more 1 million civilian drones sold by 2015.

But in 2014, a documentary on drones probably predicted the future. Back then, drones were seen as secret, invisible weapons for the military. The drones program was one of the best kept secret in the American military.

Drones can operate without a pilot, with a remote control under a human operator, or fully autonomously by onboard computers. Drones nowadays are used for dirty or dangerous operations and missions.

The documentary takes a look at the history of the drones program, starting from stealth aircrafts like F-17 that was one of the most successful stealth stories. But how did that aircraft got off the ground? What it took for drones to be accepted by the military? Find out!

And how far can drones go?

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