The Forbidden Knowledge: The Truth about the Illuminati, Religion, and Global Governance

  • Published 7 years ago
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Some of the things that the New World Order and the Illuminati know, if they would be put in good use, would be fantastic. However, the problem is that many people rightfully believe that these people take what could be used for elevation of mankind, and they are using to enslave mankind.

Illuminati and New World Order are the two mystic forces that have been subject of many documentaries over the past years.

Some believe in the mystic spirit of the Illuminati, while other dismiss the theory all what so ever. According to some experts on the topic, the Illuminati have already divided the world in 10 areas.

As religion teaches us, God and Satan have plans for the world. But in between them, comes the Illuminati, the elite world order that wants to assert its dominance in a subtle way.

And unlike most villains you see in the movies and comic books, the Illuminati do not want anything to be known about them. They are a secret order, with specific initiation process, and everything else is kept secret.

Few documentaries manage to delve deep into the secret of the Illuminati and explain at least 20% of their existence. But the “Forbidden Knowledge” documentary manages to do just that. Take a seat and enjoy the ride, but take everything with a grain of salt, as everyone can choose whether to believe or not.

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