The fight against Russia’s growing garbage

Dec 9, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Third Person is a powerful and thought-provoking documentary that uncovers the harsh realities faced by everyday people who choose to fight against injustice. Set against the backdrop of the Kolomna garbage dump, it follows Irina and a group of activists as they stand up to bureaucracy and corruption in Russia, risking everything to protect their community.
With unprecedented access, Third Person offers an intimate portrayal of the individuals behind the protests, exploring their motivations, fears, and hopes for a better future. The film exposes the vast divide between those in power and the people they are supposed to serve, raising important questions about the role of government, corporate interests, and citizen action in shaping society. Third Person is a call to arms for anyone who believes in the power of grassroots movements to effect social change, and a must-see for anyone seeking to understand the complex issues at the heart of contemporary Russia.

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David B