The Endless Summer

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‘The Endless Summer’ is a 1966 documentary film, made by the legendary bruce Brown, following a very simple yet powerful theme showing two champion California surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, taking a trip around the world, following the seasons so that wherever they go, it’s always summer. From Australia to Africa to Tahiti, they travel the globe in search of the perfect wave and the ideal!

Bruce did a wonderful job of transforming the sport of Surfing from being a fad and an exotic sport to such a popular sport that people were compelled to dedicate their entire lives for it.

One of the documentary’s most memorable scenes shows African tribal villagers, who had never seen a surfboard being instructed in the fine points of hanging ten.

This documentary is a relaxing and soothing, lacks pretension and has an underlying sense of harmony and poetry. Brown’s running narration is witty and full of his trademark goofy, pleasant humor. Even though technically this movie is primitive but brown does an awesome job of making this documentary and the sport look very lyrical.

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