The Elephant: Life after Death

Jun 24, 2022 | Nature, Videos

Elephants can live for 70 years. But what happens when one of these magnificent beasts in nature die? This documentary film normal impressive tour of the wildlife in the head to find out what happens after death, as a five-ton elephant adult becomes six million calories from fat, meat and viscera, feeding a completely different life cycle. The documentary gives scientists the opportunity to see up close, day and night, like beasts of leopards, hyenas and vultures, flies and beetles take a few days to reduce the largest land animal in the land of the bare bones . Simon Watt biologist leading a team of experts watching the developments in Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. To follow the action like never before, the use of remote cameras and night vision equipment under the supervision of animal behavior experts Warren Samuels. The elephant, a male young adult, had to be euthanized by a veterinarian after being mortally wounded by ivory poachers. But his remains will provide a feast for the local ecosystem and a new source of research.

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Riyan H.