The Dubliners’ Dublin

Jun 4, 2023 | Music, Videos

Dublin City has been an integral part of Irish history for millennia, with its vibrant culture and colourful heritage inspiring generations. To honour this unique city, the legendary folk group The Dubliners created a documentary in 1988 that captures the essence of being a Dub. In this hour-long special, founding member Ronnie Drew takes viewers to explore Dublin’s historical sites and landmarks and share their stories through traditional songs and music.

The Dubliners were one of the first groups to bring Irish traditional music to mainstream audiences when they formed in 1962. Led by singers Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew, their lively folk songs and instrumentals quickly gained them fans around the world. Fifty years later, their influence is still evident as pub sessions, festivals, and concerts continue to celebrate their legacy.

This documentary offers an unparalleled insight into the spirit of Dublin city from someone who lived it firsthand. Viewers will get to experience some of Dublin’s most iconic locations alongside Ronnie as he regales us with stories from his life in the capital. With stops for pints along the way and some toe-tapping tunes, this documentary showcases both Ronnie’s charm and wit as well as Dublin’s rich cultural heritage.

For anyone interested in learning more about Irish culture or getting a glimpse into what life was like in Ireland during 1980s, this documentary is a must-watch! It provides both a captivating journey through time as well as an opportunity to connect with The Dubliners through their stirring songs and tales of olden days. So tune in today for a outstanding look at one of Europe’s oldest cities!

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David B