The Disturbing Case of Lucas Markham & Kim Edwards, The Twilight Killers

Jul 14, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Today’s Dark Case True Crime Documentary is an in-depth exploration of the notorious Twilight Killers, Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards. This incredibly disturbing story follows two former teenage sweethearts, who together committed a series of heinous murders.

The documentary delves deep into the events that led up to the murders, from Markham and Edwards’ bizarre scheme to kill off their family members – including Edwards’ own mother – to the twisted mind games they played with one another which ultimately caused them to spiral out of control. It also examines the aftermath of their actions and how their actions have impacted those close to them.

This gripping true crime documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring one of Britain’s most notorious cases. Witness first-hand how two seemingly average teenagers descended into darkness as they plotted horrific acts against their own family members; feel the fear that was on display as they were eventually captured by police and sentenced to life in prison; and explore how their senseless acts will continue to haunt everyone involved for years to come.

Dark Case True Crime Documentary uncovers Lucas Markham & Kim Edwards’ past with incredible detail, offering viewers a unique opportunity to gain insight into this shocking case. The film not only sheds light on some of Britain’s darkest secrets but also provides sobering lessons about human behaviour and its consequences. Tune in today and discover what led these two teens down a path of no return.

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David B