The Dirtiest Place on the Planet

Oct 28, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The city of Linfen, China is notorious for its hazardous air quality, with a single day in Linfen’s air likened to smoking three packs of cigarettes. Unsurprisingly, sixteen out of the world’s twenty most polluted cities are in China due to their massive population and high energy consumption.

Linfen is located in the heart of Shanxi Province and for miles around it is an endless landscape of factories spewing toxic chemicals into the air and poisoning land and water sources. Pollution has reached such dangerous levels that clouds have been replaced by a permanent smog covering the city. Thousands of coal trucks drive between Linfen and the rest of China’s cities continuously; they come back empty for more coal each time, further exacerbating environmental issues.

The combined impacts of climate change and local pollution have immensely damaging consequences both locally and globally. It is no wonder why there has been a recent surge in documentary films about these environmental problems. One such documentary, titled Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, takes viewers on a journey through Chinese cities like Linfen that are struggling to keep up with environmental regulations due to their reliance on energy production. The documentary aims to raise awareness about this pressing matter as well as encourage citizens to take action against it.

Watching this film not only gives viewers an education on energy issues but also allows them to step into the shoes of those living in affected cities like Linfen, providing insight into the reality of their struggles firsthand. Let us all take action against climate change before it’s too late – start by watching Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story today!

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David B