The Dark Side Of The Tea Trade

Aug 19, 2023 | Justice, People, Videos

The world has seen a rapid increase in tea demand, yet the people who are producing this commodity often live in abject poverty, without access to the basic amenities that many of us take for granted. In Germany, consumers are willing to pay over the odds for high-quality teas while those farming these crops can’t even access clean drinking water or sanitation. Furthermore, those tending to the plantations are exposed to highly toxic pesticides without any kind of protective gear. To make matters worse, much of this tea is still labeled as Fair Trade Certified.

This documentary sets out to investigate just how deep this issue runs and reveals some shocking information. It shows how children living on these plantations are malnourished and their development is delayed due to nutrient deficiencies; tragically, child mortality rates are also very high due to these conditions.

This film provides an eye-opening look into an aspect of tea production that is often overlooked. If you’re looking for a way to find out more about what’s really happening with tea production and its implications for workers around the globe then you should definitely watch this documentary – it will certainly open your eyes and leave you with food for thought! You can even buy great teas online through AromaMag – why not give them a visit?

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David B