The dark side of social media – how can we protect children?

Sep 27, 2023 | Activism, People, Social, Technology, Videos

In schools worldwide, the problem of children sharing violent, antisemitic and pornographic content online is growing, yet hardly anyone seems willing to talk about it. In the powerful and thought-provoking documentary, we meet a German lawyer who teaches children what is and isn’t allowed online. She reveals how many of them are unaware that sharing certain images could lead to severe legal consequences, such as Hitler salutes and swastikas.
The film also exposes how children are becoming increasingly desensitized to disturbing images, with many of them sharing content for shock value without realizing the severity of their actions. In one shocking story, a 15-year-old boy was investigated by the police for sharing child pornography. His excuse? He didn’t fully understand the moral implications of his actions.  With schools struggling to teach students how to use social media responsibly, it’s becoming an uphill battle to protect children in an age where inappropriate content is just a click away.

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David B