The Congo: Militias and violence

Jun 15, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

In the northeastern region of Congo, fear and bloodshed are the norm, as militias rule with impunity. With little to no authority from the central government, locals are left to fend for themselves, and for some, joining these armed gangs is the only hope for survival.
Meet Mama Faida, a woman who witnessed her own family being brutally murdered and chose to join a militia as a means of seeking revenge. As she embarks on a dangerous journey in a quest for justice, the documentary provides a gripping and raw insight into the harsh realities of life under the competing gangs.
The civilians in the region face unspeakable horrors, and the Congolese government and even the 20,000-strong UN peacekeeping force have been powerless to stop the marauders. In this documentary, follow along as DW reporter Mariel Müller accompanies the UN peacekeepers into a region few journalists have dared to tread, in an attempt to shed light on the desperate situation faced by the Congolese people.

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David B