The Code: Numbers, Shapes and Prediction

Sep 24, 2023 | Science, Videos

The mysterious code that lies beneath the world has many secrets to reveal. In this unique documentary, Marcus du Sautoy takes viewers on an incredible journey through history and beyond, to uncover the hidden code that governs everything around us. From the numbers and shapes in nature, to the seemingly random patterns of mountains, clouds, and trees; this code reveals a universe of rules that can explain it all.

Beginning with a look at hexagonal columns at The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, viewers will discover how this code can be seen everywhere from rock formations to honeycomb and salt crystals to soap bubbles. This episode also explores how this hidden language of mathematics has served as inspiration for some of the greatest works of art throughout history – including Jackson Pollock’s painting techniques – as well as fueling blockbuster animations we know today.

In addition to mathematical concepts like prediction and chaos theory, Marcus uses real-world examples such as lunar eclipses to demonstrate how mathematics can be used for prediction and forecasting. He also delves into controversial topics such as lemming suicide and police criminal profiling – using mathematics to explain why these myths were created in the first place. Finally Marcus reveals an answer far greater than 42: 1.15 – a number which holds even more secrets within its digits.

This thrilling journey is sure to inspire you with a newfound appreciation for the power of mathematics in our lives today. Through stunning visuals and engaging stories, ‘The Code’ will show you just how much math has shaped everything around us – from artistry to nature itself – while giving you an insight into our future possibilities too. So sit back and get ready for a captivating exploration into the wonders of mathematics!

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David B