The Broken American Dream | Hard Earned

May 28, 2023 | People, Videos

Hard Earned is a documentary series that captures the life of the working class and their constant struggles to make ends meet. The series gives viewers an intimate look at the lives of five geographically and ethnically diverse multigenerational American families, who confront challenges that stem from their meager salaries of $8, $10 or $15 an hour.
Through this emotional journey, viewers get to know the everyday heroes who keep our society running, and peel back the layers to reveal how these determined individuals persevere and conquer daunting obstacles, to simply survive and even thrive in a world that is constantly changing around them. Hard Earned transcends economic debates, and invites you to experience the inspiring and powerful stories of the modern American dreamers – individuals who strive for a better future against all odds.

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David B