The Bearcat of Borneo

Feb 4, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

Borneo is the third largest island in the world. It contains the oldest rain forest on Earth, and one third of all plant species on Earth. Some of the animals found on Borneo cannot be found anywhere else.

Adam Thorn is an animal biologist, an explorer and an adventurer. One of his goals in life is to find the rare animals nobody else can. One such animal is the Bearcat, an illusive and bizarre animal that many people do not even know it exists.

The animal, called by Thorn the Bearcat has the tail of a monkey, a head of a bear, and claws of a cat. Venturing deep into the rain forest of Borneo, Adam searches for the animal, but meets many other fascinating animals along the way.

The bearcat, which is actually called “binturong” is related neither to cats, not bears. The native to South and Southeast Asia is listed as vulnerable on IUCN Red List.

Even though they are carnivores, bearcats eat what they find. Being opportunistic eaters, they feed mostly on fruits, but they can transform into skilled hunters that can eat fish, birds, and small mammals.

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Riyan H.