Testosterone — new discoveries about the male hormone

May 4, 2023 | Media, People, Social, Videos

“Third Person” delves into the science behind a hormone that has long been seen as a metaphor for aggression: testosterone. But unlike the common belief that testosterone drives male aggression, this hormone’s effects in humans might be more subtle than we initially thought. In this riveting documentary, prominent scientists explain how testosterone can even promote selfless behavior.

While men with high levels of testosterone have been accused of competitive and violent behavior for ages, the popular image of this sex hormone is gradually changing. “Third Person” showcases how scientists such as Jean-Claude Dreher from Lyon have shown through laboratory experiments that testosterone doesn’t prompt aggression. Instead, testosterone helps individuals act in a strategic way, making them act friendlier towards others to bolster their social status. British behavioral psychologist Simon Baron Cohen and his colleague Oliver Schultheiss from Erlangen share fascinating insights into testosterone’s influences on our gender characteristics and learning abilities.

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David B