Sweden: Fear of Russia

Aug 1, 2023 | Environmental, Military/War, Nature, People, Political, Videos

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has reignited Sweden’s long-standing fear of its eastern neighbor, Russia. While there is a long history of tension between the two nations, the latest crisis has prompted Sweden to reevaluate its security stance. In 2014, when the Crimean peninsula was annexed by Russia from Ukraine, Swedish officials responded with shock and alarm – a sentiment shared by many within the country.

Since then, Sweden has taken numerous steps to bolster its security posture. For instance, it recently dispatched military personnel to the island of Gotland in an effort to prevent potential incursions into Swedish airspace. Additionally, the government has increased its intelligence gathering efforts and is strengthening bilateral defense cooperation agreements with other Nordic states – all in an effort to better protect its citizens from potential Russian aggression.

To further highlight these issues, a new documentary film entitled “Fear Across The Baltic” looks closely at Sweden’s relationship with Russia and examines how it has been impacted by recent events. The film features interviews with leading experts on Swedish-Russian relations as well as first-hand accounts from people who have experienced life under the shadow of potential conflict between the two countries.

It is essential that we remain vigilant in monitoring any changes in Swedish-Russian relations – especially amid recent international disputes such as that involving Ukraine. This documentary provides viewers with an up close look at this volatile situation while also shedding light on some of the fears associated with living so close to one’s adversary. By taking a closer look into this ongoing issue, we can better understand why its resolution is so important for both Sweden and Russia alike. Therefore, we encourage you to watch “Fear Across The Baltic” and gain a greater perspective on this critical global issue.

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David B