Surviving Kenya’s prison system

Sep 10, 2023 | Crime, People, Social, Videos

The documentary explores the challenges faced by former Kenyan inmates upon release from prison. The stigma attached to their criminal past makes it difficult to reintegrate into society, leaving them feeling isolated and rejected. Desperate for a chance at a new life, some turn to illegal activities, recidivism, and a return to prison.
Through a private initiative, a re-integration program is offering hope and a bright future for ex-convicts. The program includes training courses that provide inmates with the necessary skills and strategies for successful re-integration. The documentary follows the journey of a female inmate who is participating in the program, offering an insight into her struggles and triumphs as she tries to rebuild her life. It provides audiences with a rare opportunity to gain an understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges that former inmates face as they try to build new lives for themselves.

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David B