Stephen Fry in America: New World

Sep 11, 2022 | Social, Videos

Stephen Fry was nearly an American. Just before Stephen was born, his father was offered a job at Princeton University, but decided to reject it. And so, Stephen was born in NW3 rather than in New Jersey.

In this six-part series that travels, especially in a taxi in London, through 50 states that could have nearly called home and that has always fascinated him.

In this first episode, which explores the states that comprise New England, before heading south of the country’s capital and ending on the battlefield of Gettysburg Civil War in Pennsylvania.

Presidential hopefuls in New Hampshire, witches in Salem, nuclear submarines in Connecticut, deer hunters, small time mobsters in the city of New York high society in Rhode Island, lobster fishermen in Maine, mixers Vermont ice cream and card washers in New Jersey – Stephen meets them all as you take the road through the fall colors to discover what really makes America tick.

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Riyan H.