Spain: Killer whales in captivity

Nov 24, 2023 | Activism, Animals, Videos

The stunning island of Tenerife is known far and wide for its star attraction, a captivating killer whale show featuring the majestic Orcas. But what happens when this entertainment becomes a morality question? When intelligence meets captivity? In a revealing and thought-provoking documentary, explore the debate that has been unleashed about whether Orcas belong in the confinement of captivity.
From stunning underwater shots to testimonials by whale experts, the documentary highlights the dichotomy between preserving the majestic mammals and providing a lucrative tourist attraction. Follow the tale of both sides of the debate and the devastating outcomes associated with keeping these intelligent creatures in captivity. Take a journey into the world of animal captivity and reevaluate your stance on whether a tank is the best place for Orca whales.

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David B