Space Exploration: The Beginning of the End of Apollo

Sep 5, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Space exploration has been a fascinating topic since the first humans looked up at the sky and wondered what was out there. In the past few decades, we have put satellites orbiting the Earth allowing us to communicate with people all over the globe, enabled scientists to make breakthrough discoveries, and even allowed us to view Earth from space.
But while space exploration continues, it’s important to recognize that many records set during those early years have yet to be surpassed. It’s been more than forty years since the last person set foot on the moon, and we no longer have reusable spacecraft.
Trajectory is a captivating documentary that examines the milestones in space exploration and also delves into the latest scientific and commercial developments. The Beginning of the End marks the start of the Apollo science program after the first moon landing, but even though it should have been exciting, people were beginning to lose interest. Apollo Gets Complicated showcases the addition of new technology to the program that extended its reach. Finally, the epic conclusion and the last missions to the lunar surface are documented in The End of Apollo.

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David B