The Science Behind Cattle Ranches – How the Cowboy Business Evolved

Mar 21, 2023 | Environmental, Science, Videos

Legendary part of the American past, cattle ranches are what created the “cowboy”. But the science behind a cattle ranch is much more than a cowboy riding the range and herding the cattle through the sunny days.

Quite the contrary, a cattle ranch is a business, and should be treated as such. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a cattle ranch is an extremely profitable business. That is partly true, as it requires much hard work and effort in order to be successful. Some of the activities that people overlook is keeping and maintaining all records, fixing and maintaining fences and buildings. Keeping the cattle comes last.

The cattle ranching business has also changed and evolved over the years. It used to be putting a cow and a bull together, and they will find a way to work it out. It is not like that anymore. You’ve got to do it correctly, or you will be out of business.

What few people know is that large part of cattle ranching in the 21st century takes place in the lab, where scientists try to find the best genes for reproduction and breeding. Nowadays, there are storage tanks where people store semen from bulls that can be used for breeding.

If you want to know more of the science behind cattle ranching, take a look at the educational documentary.

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Riyan H.