Space Exploration: Project Mercury, Mars Express, Space Ape | Trajectory

Dec 24, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Space exploration has been a source of fascination and awe since the dawn of human history. But with the advent of space age technology, mankind has been able to set foot on the final frontier. From the first manned mission to orbit Earth in 1961 to today’s ambitious projects such as Mars Express and the Soyuz Launch System, space exploration has come a long way.

The world’s space programs have achieved incredible milestones throughout its history, some of which remain unrivalled even today. For example, it’s been more than forty years since the last man walked on the moon and we still don’t have a reusable spacecraft. Such feats are remarkable proof of how far we’ve come in our understanding of outer space and its potential for humanity.

In order to fully appreciate just how remarkable these achievements are, one must watch Trajectory: The Evolution of Space Exploration. This documentary takes viewers through all the milestones so far in our quest for understanding what lies beyond our atmosphere – from Project Mercury to today’s commercial developments in space technology. It also shines a light on some lesser-known milestones like the launch of Russia’s Soyuz launcher system; a testament to their commitment to explore outer space despite limited resources during their tumultuous years after World War II.


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David B