Hürtgen forest and the end of World War II

Apr 27, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

This documentary takes an unflinching look at one of the most brutal battles of World War Two: the fight for the Hürtgen Forest. Over 30,000 soldiers perished in just a few short months, leaving the landscape scarred and the survivors forever changed. Now, more than 75 years later, a team of filmmakers have uncovered original archival footage and interviewees, reconstructing the battle with a chilling accuracy that’s rarely seen on screen.

Viewers will be transported back in time, following soldiers from both sides as they trudge through the muddy forest, dodging bullets and flinching at every explosion. Drawing on survivor accounts, voices from the past interweave with the present day residents who continue to dwell amidst the unexploded weapons of war. From veteran James K. Cullen to renowned photographer Tony Vaccaro, the personal experiences of these witnesses serve to heighten the emotional impact of the documentary, ultimately creating a compelling and unforgettable viewing experience.

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David B