Soccer World Cup: Migrant laborers in Qatar

Jul 13, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Despite the attention surrounding the Soccer World Cup coming up, change seems to be hard to come by in Qatar. Migrant workers from across the world have built the football stadiums in Qatar in dubious conditions, described by trade unions as modern slavery. This is their story, and it’s a grim one.
Sujan Mia, a Bangladeshi, came to Qatar hoping to enable a better life for his family. But he returned in a coffin and the circumstances around his death remain unclear to this day. Malcolm Bidali, a Kenyan, came to Qatar to work and ended up in prison. He’s back in Kenya now and wants to help other migrant workers. But migrant workers in Qatar still continue to struggle, with little hope for change in sight.
The documentary falls under the categories of labor rights, activism and sports.

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David B