The 10 Best Documentaries About Qatar

Sep 24, 2023 | Best Of, Geography, Religion

When it comes to documentaries, Qatar stands on its own. From unprecedented growth in the past decade to its deep-rooted culture and heritage, this small nation has opened up a treasure trove of stories that have been captured through captivating films. Whether you’re looking for an informative cultural experience or an exploration of future development, these are the best documentaries about Qatar that you can’t miss. From a look at the country’s incredible growth to the exploration of its traditional culture, these documentaries give viewers an insightful glimpse into life in this amazing nation.


1. Qatar: Between tradition and modernity

Qatar is an incredible destination full of wonders. Its landscape features vast deserts, bizarrely-shaped mountains and mesmerizing sandy beaches that make it a must-visit country. But beyond its stunning physical beauty lies a much more interesting narrative for travelers to explore. The small emirate is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, with the ruling royal family maintaining an almost unlimited amount of power


2. Inside the palace: Al Arabiya’s documentary on Qatari royal’s criminal lawsuits

Al Arabiya recently released a documentary looking into the criminal allegations made against Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad. The film follows two of the six American plaintiffs who accuse the Qatari royal of imprisoning them, ordering them to kill for him, and other serious charges. Through interviews with these individuals, as well as experts in the field, Al-Arabiya attempts to uncover the truth behind these claims and provide viewers with a more in-depth look into this case. The documentary provides a unique window into the inner workings of Qatar’s ruling family, as well as an exploration of the criminal justice system that can sometimes fail to protect its citizens.


3. Qatar – In the spotlight of the World Cup

Qatar’s ascent to the global spotlight is a story of ambition and dreams. With the World Cup on the horizon, this conservative Muslim emirate looks to surpass all expectations as it showcases its culture, infrastructure and commitment to excellence in sports and entertainment. Journalist Christa Hofmann takes viewers on an insightful journey through Qatar, exploring newly built stadiums, talking with migrant workers, and chatting with Qatari officials, World Cup fan representatives and Middle East analysts. It’s an insightful look at a country striving to project its image on the world stage through one of the biggest events in sports history.


4. Qatar – Pearl of the Future

Qatar has a reputation as a land of ambition. Rising from the desert, its gleaming skyscrapers are testament to the country’s drive and determination. Bedouins swap their camels for modern 4x4s, falcon trainers use the latest technology to equip their birds with tracking devices and child jockeys have been replaced by robots.This vibrant and ever-evolving country is the focus of a documentary directed by Pierre Brouwers. It captures Qatar’s transformation into a modern marvel, showcasing its advancements in technology, architecture and industry while paying homage to its proud Bedouin past.


5. The Hidden Brutality Of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Preparations

In the tiny nation of Qatar, a shockingstory is unfolding. The preparations for the 2022 Football World Cup are to be held at a staggering cost – 4000 lives. This tragic figure reveals the cruel reality of life for migrant labourers who are building football’s most expensive construction project. Reports of miserable conditions, exploitative pay and poor safety standards continue to emerge from this ambitious project. While providing Qatar with a platform to showcase its modern development, this tragedy serves as an unsettling reminder of the extreme cost beared by some of society’s most vulnerable members.


6. Qatar: Killer Heat Cripples Workers

Qatar, a land of blistering heat and harsh conditions, is becoming increasingly inhospitable to its most vulnerable populations. As temperatures soar higher than ever before, the people of Qatar are facing an even greater risk of chronic illness and death among migrant workers as well as disastrous sports events due to rising heat levels. This documentary explores the killer heat that is crippling Qatar’s residents, and the effects it has had on their lives. Through interviews with locals and experts alike, we gain insight into how they are dealing with this oppressive heat wave. We also look at what steps are being taken to protect workers and mitigate the damages of climate change in Qatar.


7. 🇶🇦 Qatar: Beyond the Blockade | Featured Documentary

The blockade of Qatar by the neighboring states was a major event in the region’s history that continues to affect millions of lives. 🇶🇦 Qatar: Beyond the Blockade is an insightful documentary that delves into this complex issue, exploring its impact on politics, economics, and human rights.This film examines how the blockade has disrupted trade, business ties, and lifestyles. It also looks at the effects of political unrest on citizens from all sides of the conflict, featuring powerful interviews with people affected by the blockade.


8. How Qatar Became the World’s Most OP Country

Qatar has been a small but influential nation in the Middle East for many years. But more recently, it has ascended to become one of the most powerful countries in the world. In this documentary, we explore how Qatar’s rise to power came about and what makes it so successful today. We get an inside look at Qatar’s government structure and its economy, which are both highly profitable and efficient. We then take a closer look at the relationship between Qatar and other countries in the region, as well as their involvement in global politics.


9. What Qatar Doesn’t Want the World to See

A huge thank you to all those who bravely shared their stories and knowledge with us. Your perspectives were invaluable in telling this story, which would not have been possible without your help. Without people like you, so much of the truth about Qatar will remain hidden from the world. We owe it to those who chose to stay anonymous and everyone else involved for their courage and commitment in bringing this story to light. Your insights are a crucial part of understanding the complexities of Qatar and its people. We thank you for your contributions and we hope that these stories can help us work towards a better future. Thank you!


10. KATARA TOWER: Qatar’s New Landmark of Luxury and Perfection on the Arabian Gulf

Welcome to KATARA TOWER, the new symbol of grandeur and excellence in Doha on the Arabian Gulf. After 10 years of planning and preparation, this magnificent two-tower structure is now ready to open its doors. The hotel complex will consist of two luxury hotels with almost 500 suites and rooms across 37 floors, 18 restaurants, bars and cafes. Money was no object when it came to constructing this stunning building as the aim was to create a hotel that surpasses all others on the gulf.

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