Sins of the Church: The Disturbing Transfer of Fallen Priests

Jul 29, 2023 | People, Videos

The Geographical Solution documentary delves deep into the dark secrets of the Catholic Church. With shocking revelations from secret internal documents, the documentary uncovers the Church’s practice of protecting fallen priests by moving them from one country to another, sometimes as far away as Africa – a practice commonly known as “the geographical solution”. It is a story that implicates even the Pope Francis himself, who is revealed to have tried to influence the Argentinean justice system to protect a priest when he was bishop of Buenos Aires.
The investigation in this documentary spans across continents, from Cameroon to Argentina, America to France and Italy. It traces the transfers of fallen priests, and exposes how Church officials have been complicit in evading justice. The Geographical Solution is a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the depth of the crisis facing the Catholic Church, and those who seek answers on how to prevent it from happening again.”

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David B