Shelter: Saving Homeless Veterans in the USA

Dec 9, 2023 | People, Videos

Shelter, directed by the two-time Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple, is an intimate documentary that chronicles the incredible work of Veterans Resource Center, a community-based service organization founded by veterans in Northern California. It shares the often-heartbreaking struggles of the people who are trying to leave the streets behind and return to a life of normalcy.
The documentary reflects on the psychological trauma created by military service and how it causes long-lasting effects that continue beyond active duty. It’s a daunting task to return to routine life after the struggle of serving in the military, and the film delves into this harrowing journey for these veterans. It shows how Veterans Resource Center provides support and guidance to get these women and men back on their feet, with the help of fellow veterans who have lived through similar experiences.
The documentary’s perspective is not only moving, but it is also enlightening as it sheds light on a reality that many may be unaware of. It portrays the great lengths that these veterans go through to return to a peaceful civilian life.
If you are looking for a documentary that will move you and leave you with an understanding of the struggles that come with being a veteran, I highly recommend Shelter. This documentary is a must-watch for anyone looking for a unique and honest view of life after military service.

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David B