Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

Sep 18, 2023 | Sexuality, Videos

The acclaimed documentary Annabel Chong: The World’s Biggest Gang Bang tells the story of the titular porn star who made history by setting a world record for having sex with the most partners in one day. Annabel Chong, whose real name is Grace Quek, was born in Singapore and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in adult films.

The documentary follows all aspects of her life leading up to this notorious event, exploring her motivations and background as well as details of the filming itself. It features interviews with many individuals close to Annabel including family members and fellow porn actors. The film also contains various clips from her own films along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

This gritty and thought-provoking documentary provides an insight into the world of pornography that most people are unaware of. It paints a complex picture of both its protagonist and its subject matter, leaving viewers feeling surprised, confused and challenged about their own views on sexuality and morality.

For those intrigued by stories about extreme sex or keen to learn more about the porn industry, Annabel Chong: The World’s Biggest Gang Bang is an essential watch. It takes viewers on an eye-opening journey where they can consider their own feelings on pornography while joining Annabel on hers – a rollercoaster ride that has been making waves ever since it was first released over two decades ago.

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David B