Serial Killer - Edmund Kemper

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When you serve as the inspiration for a movie such as “American Psycho”, something is wrong with you. And with Edmund Kemper, something was seriously wrong from his early years.

Known as the “Co-ed Butcher”, Edmond is a serial killer who murdered several women in the early 1970s in Santa Cruz. His mother, and his paternal grandparents are also on his list of victims. In total, he has killed 10 people.

Kemper was born in California, and had a turbulent childhood from his early years. His abusive mother moved him to Montana, where he killed his paternal grandparents at the young age of just 15. He was convicted as a criminal juvenile, but got out at the age of 21.

But he went on a killing spree, targeting female hitchhikers. After murdering his victims in his vehicle, Edmund then took the corpse back to his home for violation and desecration. After killing his mother, Kemper turned himself in to authorities.

He received eight life sentences, and earlier this year said he is happy to die in jail. In February this year, he told his lawyers that he is happy to die behind bars, and has no intention to appear in front of a parole board scheduled for 2017.

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