Serbia, Russia and the war in Ukraine

Jun 7, 2023 | Military/War, People, Videos

The documentary on Serbia’s feelings towards Russia tackles a topic that is subject to fierce debate. Throughout the years, Serbia has refused to impose any sanctions on Russia and has maintained a close relationship with the country, largely due to a shared culture and religious beliefs. The majority of Serbs even supported Putin’s war in Ukraine, a stark reminder of the lingering mistrust the country holds towards NATO and the West.
But what is it about Russia that draws such loyalty from the Serbian people? The documentary delves deep into the subject, highlighting how the war in Ukraine has actually intensified many Serbs’ feelings of kinship towards Russia, ultimately increasing Vladimir Putin’s popularity. The streets of Serbia are alive with chants of “Serbia and Russia: brothers forever” and “Putin, Putin” as people come together to celebrate the shared values between these two nations. The Grbovic family remembers the harrowing weeks that they spent in the cellar during the NATO bombing campaign in 1999 — when Russia was the only country that stood by Serbia’s side. Join the documentary to discover more about Serbia’s complex relationship with Russia and the wider implications this has for the country’s future.

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David B